This house has been designed as a holiday home, a getaway where we tried to create a relaxing atmosphere. We wanted to make architecture get involve with the environment to enjoy it from every space of the house. Exterior volumes become interior spaces and we use materials for  emphasize forms.

Esta casa está diseñada para ser una segunda residencia, un refugio donde hemos intentado crear un ambiente de relax. Queríamos hacer que la arquitectura estuviera permanentemente involucrada con el entorno de manera que se pudiese disfrutar de él desde cualquier lugar de la casa.

The pool has been created not only as an exterior element but as a decorative element that can be enjoyed  even from the interior. La piscina esta concebida no solo como un complemento exterior, sino como un elemento que llega a ser decorativo y que puede ser contemplada y disfrutada incluso desde el interior.


About CSG-Art&Design

Arquitecta, Diseñadora y Pintora, he creado esta página para compartir mis trabajos.Architect, Designer and Artist. I have created this page to share my work. Please be free to leave your comments.

One response to “MOUNTAIN HOME”

  1. Samir says :

    Nice hardwork. What is concept? repl must on my id. i will be thakfull 4 it.

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